Hi stranger

You have received a Friendster message from Olga. The message was sent on 07/15/05 08:16 AM.

Ogla on display
Hi stranger.
I have found your email in the Internet.
I want to find the man for serious relations and probably creations of family.
I want to know you more.
I’ll tell you a little about myself.
My name is Olga.
I’m 28 years old.
I live in Russia in city Yaransk.
I like to do in for sports.
I write, read and I talk in English not so bad.
I have never been married and I do not have children.
And unfortunately, I have not found my second half.
But I want to do it.
Probably we can become more than simply friends.
I wait for your letter and photo.
My email adress is olgamay@something.ru
If you will write me I’ll send you more photos and it will be a beginning of our correspondence.
With impatience I wait your reply.

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  1. Hello Olga,

    I don’t know what to say, except that you obviously know what you want and are not afraid to go for it. This a little intimidating (especially the part about ‘creations of family’, as this part usually comes a bit after ‘hello, please to meet you’), but I’m compelled to correspond with you more, if for nothing else than to hear the sporting highlights of Yaransk.

    Besides your dirty-fit and it would be well-wickid to see more o’ yo tight boo-TAY!

    Yours faithfully
    A R Whillas

  2. What a surprise to find Olga’s correspondence with you out in public like this. If she is real, then it seems unfair to broadcast her letter of introduction (commonly carbon-copied to several men when a woman doesn’t have fluid English skills). By surprise, this very same Olga has initiated a correspondence with me three months after I have removed myself from dating websites. I am not sure the writer of the letters is indeed the person in the photos, but I will say this on Olga’s behalf: she has answered directly some specific questions, and seems interested in a straightforward correspondence for friendship and perhaps romance. She hasn’t shown typical scamming activity, nor has her name or face shown up in the scamming blacklists. But for whichever man “wins” the real Olga, be he brave enough to build a bridge across a great cultural and language chasm, there seems to be a lovely reward.

  3. Hiya,

    I have received 8 or so emails from her to!! Nothing has been mentioned about money or seems scammish, but seeing how many people r receiving the same emails, it probably won’t be for laong I guess. Shame though, she’s fit!! I hope it is not a scam to restore some faith in the internet, that its not just criminals etc out there. If they are genuine emails then she is a lovely person.

  4. Yep, Olga sure is a sweet-talker, I have been in correspondance with her as well. She seems fair and innocent, and I have not been asked for money, I think now I will have some fun at her expense until she does ask for some cake.

  5. …. and mailing me too, assuring me that i am the only one with whom she is making correspondance with internet (?! )..thanks google! …well be aware of scamming, despite there has been no request.definitively very strange, watch out!

  6. Yeah, she’s fit – so let her send you a few photos –

    “Dear (I hope you will not be against if I’ll call you “dear”).
    I would like to ask you that involves you in the woman that you from her wait?
    How you represent the woman of the dream?
    And in general how many at you was women in your life?
    With how many girls you correspond now in the Internet?
    I can tell you fairly that I write you to one. ”

    But we know that’s not true – don’t we guys?

  7. Hi Olga. What a joke and a sick one at that. Seems to me like this ain’t real after all. She says that I am the only one she corresponds with…….obviously that ain’t true. Well it ends now. Good luck guys.

  8. This is amazing! by some kind of freaky accident I hit on these messages!! Guess what, Me and Olga have been corresponding for a while, and here was me thinking I was her “only one” looks like exactly the same letter too?

    I wonder how many all together does Olga send her lovely photos too?

    Yep, she seems like a lovely girl, she must be some kind of E-mail phenomenon!!! I wonder who she will end up with?

    we should start some kind of fan club Eh? :o)

  9. Don’t waste your money on scammers, save up – soon you will be able to get a robot to sort your life out.


    The ‘pleasure’ version will be along before long. They reckon you will be able to get one that looks like Olga – and will do your cooking and washing too.

    You could even get her to send emails to you in strange english if you want.

    Maybe she will even have a compartment to chill your beer.

  10. Hiya NP,

    I saw your message about the page you have set up, I have tried http://olgasux.com and there doesn`t seem to be anything there, I am going to go back the other link we have been messaging on and post this message on there. I told you mate, I am crap on computers!!

    Can anyone tell me how to attach pictures and stuff on this site? I want to share my “Olga pics” with yooz. I want to know how many there are in her portfolio!!!

    It looks like NP has got her booted off Faceparty and also Rate my Body, I bet she turns up soon somewhere else.

    My E mails are clearly still reaching her because she replied today with the same letter Jaybee also recieved, she never mentioned my lottery win, in fact she has never actually answered a single question that I have asked her (him)

    So let`s all find NP`s “olgasux” room :o)

  11. Olga is certainly an enterprising and energetic young lady, but I wonder how many of you were totally dedicted to her when mailing or are you all playing the field too. I have been chatting to her too. It a rough world out there, and having lived in Russia I know just how desparate some are to get out of the hell holes they live in. I certainly do not hold this against them, they are doing what they have to do to survive. In fact I credit her with the enterprise she is putting in to it. It is difficult to know just how many of these letters are copied and amended by girls who really speak very little English and they just want to keep the converstation going, they may or may not be genuine in thier intent, however plagiarism rather than fraud may be the crime, but who knows.
    Like with many things you ‘buy’ over the internet it is a case of let the buyer beware, the delivered goods may not be what you think you ordered. But why are you looking on the internet in the first place, I have no problem doing that myself, but you have to know what you are doing.
    Castigating the girl without knowing the true situation and jumping to conclusions is not fair, has anyone asked her ?
    It may be there are several girls out there, not of whom speak English using a standard set of letters, it could be all sorts of things but I don’t think most of you would understand they way these things work in Russia.
    Have fun and play the field but don’t berate anyone until you know the facts. Nothing said here puts me off until I know the truth.

  12. I think a major siren going off is the fact she says that you’re the only one she’s corresponding with.

    Whoever is sending the emails isn’t giving you the real sketch – so tread carefully…

  13. I agree to tread carefully and there is a strong possibility this could be a scam of some kind. All I was saying was find out the facts and then make your decision.
    But I wonder how many have said that they are only corresponding with you, it is not likely to get off to a good start saying Hi your are the 132 guy I have mailed. Russian women do what they think thier men want. Personally I would not hold it against her if she was corresponding with lots of men, after all until she finds one she is a free player, as we all are. A few e-mails is not a lifetime romance.
    But finding that special someone on the net is a very tricky task, but it can be done.

  14. my olga stop picking on her she is so sweet she loves only me and i love her
    how can i help myself when you see her in that little red dress.
    she 26/28 me 56,
    [ only jokeing.]

  15. Hey all yooz Americano`s, yooz are all the same, yooz use a plain girl and dump her for this website??? yooz are all the same so yooz are.

    I no send you pic`s of “OLGA” not at all in the naked!!

    (this is not a real letter from Olga by the way) and my dear prince NP is my protector.

    Nic don`t t t tell me ahm pished,,,,, I know it and so does raz and Jaybee,

    We are brother`s so we are, bestes`t mates so we are

    and I don`t care if some EEgitt (that`s Scottish for CHUMP) get`s in our way,,,,, we will ALL REMAIN CHUM`S

    Fondest regards, Dave in Wigan

  16. Olá Olga tudo bom? Meu nome é Mauro Luiz Pereira dos Santosgostaria de conhecer você, saber mais sobre você. Te achei muito bonita, linda. Beijo.


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