Bombs again

More bombing action in London. Even closer to home this time.

Rode home today to find that my street had been blockade by the cops and they weren’t letting any one in. The 26 bus that had an attempted bombing goes right past my place. So tonight I’m at Jon and Neridas who live in Camden.

Poor Nerida had a horrible trip home from the city. The bus driver lost it when some people jumped in the back door and he turned off the bus, and then when he turned it on the let the people off he started revving it till people got scared. I guess the bus drivers are a bit stressed at the moment.

Nerida said she’s scared by the bombings. Jon seems indifferent. I’m reminded of the struggle that the rest of the world is going though again. It was very evident in East Timor, with the BBC beamed in via satellite reminding me of the rest of the worlds decadence.

Seems the third world is now making the decadence aware of it via the BBC.

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