The horrible tale of eBuyer

It starts with a company called ebuyer. Never get anything from them.

Gather round, gather round and hear the ‘The horrible tale my friend had with eBuyer’

I ordered the Hard Disk (HD) on the 17th of last month. They charged my card straight away. According to their website, the HD in question “usually ships within 24hrs”. Cool.

Not cool.

On the 19th it’s still not here so I give them a ring. I’m told that the system cancelled my order as it’s a little quirky of late. No bother, it’s put through again and it’ll be with me on Monday and the guy on the phone sends an email to the ware house to be sure.

Mon. the 22nd. Still not here. I ring and the phone person says that he can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t have shipped, so he sends the warehouse a second email. Nice. I’m told it should ship later that day and be with me in the morning. I’m told that the only way I can cancel it is if I reject the shipment when it arrives (what the fuck!).

Thur. the 25th. Still not here. I ring and speak to a ‘Paul’ who says he can cancel it for me, but will forward the details on to the resolution team and either ring or email that afternoon. I never hear from him again.

Fri. the 26th. Still not here. I ring and am told it hasn’t been shipped yet. I ask to speak to a supervisor and am put on hold and then cut off.

Tue. the 30th. Still not here. I ring and ask for it to be cancelled. As I’m on the phone the guy says “oh hang on, it’s just come through the system now. It’s shipped and should be with you either tomorrow of the day after at the latest”. Great!

Not great.

Mon. the 5th of September. Still not here. I ring. Speak to ‘Andrew’. Cancel order. Told that money will be back into my account within three working days.

Fri. the 9th. No money. I ring. Speak to ‘Janita’. Ask for it to be cancelled (again). She says it was never cancelled in the first place. Says she can’t do it only her supervisor can, but he’s out to lunch. But he comes back whilst I’m on the phone. She says he can’t do it because the warehouse computer system is down but she’ll ring me at 5pm that day either way to let me know what’s going on. I make her swear that she will and point out that Paul said this before, plus I’m miffy now. I never heard from her either.

Monday the 12th (today). I ring and am told that it hasn’t been cancelled, but that the item is “out of stock at the default warehouse”. ‘Amy’ tries to pass the order on to another warehouse but I stop her and explain (for the third time now) that I most definitely don’t want the HD, because this wednesday it will be one month from the date I ordered it (and the date they took my money for it). I want a refund. Right now. She cancels it for me on the spot and I’ve even received a little email telling me so. I should have the money by the end of the week.

I’ve already been to the bank, the police station, and on to Trading Standards. If I don’t have my money by the end of the week, I’m instructing the county court to issue a summons, and then I’m going to fuck them until their teeth shatter. I almost hope that they _don’t_ cough up the cash as I’m rather looking forward to the opportunity. *grins*

So there you have it. I would also like to add that I have bought things from eBuyer and have never stopped receiving spam since, despite several attempts to get off their spam list. A potential law suit waiting to happen in the UK these days.

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  1. Hi there,
    nice little story you got there. Mine is similar and if your case is going to court, I’d like to be in it! I’ll send you my exact details then, maybe we can communicate via e-mail. Good luck anyways, and I am looking forward to hearing from you

  2. Hey there Florian,

    I am sorry to hear that you have found yourself in the same boat. The whole saga was back in late 2005 and I am happy to say that I did get my money back after my final call (where I spoke to Amy, described above).

    Not long afterwards I found an online store rating site, and ebuyer was was being flamed big time. There were over a hundred posts, all with near identical stories to tell. Just getting through to them on the phone is a task in itself (as I am sure you have discovered).

    My advice: Ring them and tell them that either they refund your money immediately (whilst you are on the phone), and that if you do not have email confirmation before the day is out, and the money back in your account before the end of the next working day, then you will see them in the county court, and that you will get them for costs also.

    Good luck!


  3. Hello Seb,

    thanks a lot for your advice. I will check my account again on monday and then call and do exactly what you said. I guess that’s the best thing to do.
    Thanks for taking the time to help me out, it is highly appriciated.
    What is that online store rating site you mentioned? I guess I’ll check that one out before I buy online again.

    Take care,


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