Hello again

I want to come over to
Touch your feet and make you shy
Talk to you in gentle tones
Of subtle gaietys quietly alone
Let you untangle that truth
You have been warping around your head
And then lie down and die
Together till mornings bright ‘Hello again!’

12 thoughts on “Hello again”

  1. Nice one alex, very autumnal. and in the rhythmic theme, here are a some things for you.
    asleep, awash in the glowing grit of the last beach sun. eyes hurt and burnt through the birdless sky, the last of the summer is here again!

    Lo fine western modern foods and angled conversation, fishing pastimes given up by prowlers ill with sores. The taylor square elite play the grotesque ballet mimicked by the mirrors holding mirrors’ hands, all swimming the fishbowl dance.

    Our proud city may be dwarfed and upside down, but there must be something in it, like the sweaty bus breath streets, yarr! the markets in the morning time, or else a freedom to stretch and yawn, if you dare to show your teeth.

    And teeth you have, to bite into another feast and taste strange flavours of another space. Yes! To feel the dance creep up and take you by the cheeks. Chase the bird borne by the sea wind current through the muddy streets.

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