42 thoughts on “Berlin or bust”

  1. Hi Alexander,

    I saw your post oon 43places.com about moving to Berlin. I’m originally from Sydney, Australia, but have lived in London for the past 3 years. For various reasons I’ve decided to give it all up and move to Berlin in July. Like you I dont know anyone or have a job lined up- which is a scary and exciting process at the same time. I’ve just been back from a weekend there, and I think the reality of it hit me, about leaving everything and everyone familiar behind.

    But I feel so comfortable and relaxed in that city and was really sad to leave it to go back to London, so I reckon that’s a good sign!



  2. Well thanks Diane! It is a little scary and weird and wonderful and I guess that’s why I’m doing it. Also the music and I want to live in a big room and learn another language. Perhaps its also everything and everyone familiar behind. I sort of like the idea.

    Anyway, look me up when you hit the big B. I’ll be posting my findings on this here blog for the world to see :)

  3. Thanks babe.

    The old Alex wasn’t completly me. I guess we’re all made up partly of the people we know, I just want to be sure which parts they are and maybe change a few while I’m at it!

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