Slagsmålsklubben @ Station Park, Berlin

Station park flyer

Went to this gig at Station Park last night. Was a bit of a fizzer, as far as Berlin gigs go. It was 9 Euro which is a bit pricey for most students here and there are plenty of other things happening on a Friday night in Berliner town. Otherwise there was a lot of potential as the live acts they lined up were quite good.

In particular Slagsmålsklubben caught my attention. Their name means ‘Fight Club’ in Swedish, apparently, but the first thing that I thought when I entered the room was ‘Revenge of the Nerds’. Four short, weedy, guys two of which had specials on, sweating and humping rhythmically over their complicated array of knobs. This asside they seemed to get quite into it and did the full rock star act that got the crowd in the mood.

The whole dame weedy crew

Appearances aside they played some nice Electro. Not sure how to define it. Squeaky keyboards over a electro clash style hammering bass. They also provided visuals that were not too shabby. They ended on quite a hard note that got the crowd tearing at each other but wasn’t my cup of tea (to dance to at any rate).

Overall I was impress and they are worth checking out.

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