Socceroos match against Croatia (2006 World Cup)


Australia scores a goal. Again!

Croatia started to get stroppy when things started to go against them. They even got a red card. There is only one thing I can say about that…
Croatia are... Losers!


46 thoughts on “Socceroos match against Croatia (2006 World Cup)”

  1. how about this…CROATIA RULES…and “aussie” or whatever the hell you call it sux tot he next level. And whoever “pete” is croatians are not British they are croatians and fuckin proud of it. So why dont the “aussie’s go and loose like they should.

  2. at least our actsence are awww sweet! The fucking british actsence make everybody cover their ears as soon as they start talking! so go fix yourself and ur lil british friends to be perfect then come talk to us and tells what we are doing wrong. So it will be easier to send you home to your moms crying! make sense?

  3. k the croats kick so much. we are not brithish we are croatian. u aussies or w.e you guys call your self can go fuck yourselfs. learn how to talk then tell us how much we suck. you guys have 7 of us croatians on your team. so fuck each and every one of you. jebemte australia!

  4. ok. so here is what i have to say to australia and the fucked up “socceroos” you guys need to stop talking shit and start playing the fucking game. you “socceroos” or whatever the hell you are called are some fucked up,ass licking, dick sucking, asshole raping, mother fuckers who only know how to give each other blow jobs at half time and all your players are gay exept four the croatians.and croatians dont sound british, we have the best language and austrailia can go suck some why dont the playes go .. .”down under” and have gay sex.CROATIA IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ummm, who does want to “look shit”, Croatia? But they are virtually the Aussie team if follow your argument, but then how can they “look shit” and not “look shit” at the same time?

  6. all u fuken aussies ka go fuk urselfs bekoz US CROATS know that ur all just wanna b croatians n WTF is with that british shit u aussies r the fuken british ppl since ur fag has theirs on it u dumb shits !


    croatian!: loud “n” proud




  7. how about this… CROATIANS ARE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. i am in love with one BEAUTIFUL croatian who plays water polo and is about to get a full ride scholarship to USC in souther california who is a dream. and all the croatian people ive ever met and have got to know have greatly influenced my life. so therefore… CROATIANS ARE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.

  8. Thats a compelling argument ‘how about this’: “I’m banging this fit chick so therefore her whole ‘race’ is good”. So all we have to do to convince everyone that CROATIANS are hot shit is to organise for everyone to start balling a CROATIAN.

    Geez, this post seems to be attracting the big brains who like to thinky-thinky.

    But CROATIANS aren’t the issue here, just a football team who don’t like to play fair (i.e. the aforementioned ‘red card’). The point that the “CROATIAN football team of 2006” fans have pointed out, while at the same time not seeming to grasp themselves at the same time, IS

    2. Australian Football team of 2006 = “sux tot he next level”

    3. CROATIAN football team of 2006 = CROATIANS
    4. therefore: CROATIAN football team of 2006 = “rule”


    5. also: Australian Football team of 2006 = CROATIANS
    6. therefore: CROATIANS = “sux tot he next level”

    hence the contradiction from 1 and 6:
    “RULE” = “sux tot he next level”

    The problem is in rule 2, when you start to equate a “soccer teams” with a race of people. Its actually racism which everyone has agreed is bad idea since the end of Nazi Germany as you get contradictions as I have just demonstrated.

    The only thing thats been proven here is that “CROATIAN soccer fans” are bad sports and racist.

    7. racist = poorly educated simpletons.

  9. Much has been said about the beauty of Croatia. “Heaven on Earth” has been described in many books by artists, in paintings and countless photographs. “God wanted to crown his creation, so on the last day he created the Croatian Adriatic from his tears, the stars and sea breeze”,wrote an author long ago about the splendour of this most beautiful and preserved ecological corner of the modern world. Long beaches, rocky mountains within reach of the sea, fervent summers, untouched nature and unique city monuments have turned the vacations of many travellers into an exceptionally beautiful dream. It is often said that most travellers by chance stumble across the Adriatic. Every other visit discovers more of the diversity, blessedness and hospitality of this land. It would seem that we are not objective to those who have not visited this jewel of the Mediterranean. The only way to prove our objectivity is through ones own experience of the sea with its thousands islands.

    Now you wont find anything like this in australia thats cause cro is the best + AUS is just an excuse for British to get a second soccer team its not even aus just full of croats get ur own players dkhead

  10. Pazin, thanks for the tourism information about Croatia, even if we are discussing the 2006 Worldcup, and for your information the nature in Australia kicks ass over anything I have seen in Europe. Also, is it a “British team” or “full of croats”, you seem to have contradicted yourself in the same sentence?

    Thank you ‘True Croatian’ for some intelligent response. In answer to your objection about calling the “Croatian team losers”, I was just reporting the facts of the particular match in question i.e. Croatia lost to Australia and so that would make the Croatian team the “losers” of the match.

    Nothing personal really, just that the “Superior Croatian” team lost to an inferior opponent, Australia, some what contradiction, but a historical fact that no amount poorly constructed and badly formed abuse, which simply gives the impression that the average Croatian football fan is borderline mentally retarded (just on the average of the responses here).

    Of course I am guilty, but its not of racial bigotry its of setting a trap for the mentally disable i.e. sports fans who favour a game over everything else in life: Play sport, don’t worship others doing for you.

  11. “Play sport, don’t worship others doing for you.”

    maby there still is hope for this planet yet ;)

    thing is, you might have said those facts in a way that easilly angers people becouse it feels like your mocking them, not just “telling facts”.

    also, after seeing what I wrote the last time, I have to defend myself by saying that I was drunk, high, and beat up (not true) as well as tired and stressed out (true) :D

  12. Well Daniel, I guess some people look for naked girls to beat the snake to when they are “drunk” and “high” and others looks for pictures of their favourite group of ball kickers, but fear not: no judgements are passed here.

    As for the allegation that I’m easily angering the easily angered, ‘Articulating-whats-on-the-mind challenged’, Worshippers of the Croatian-ball-kickers club for the base amusement of my friends and myself, I’m self confessed guilty (see my last comment).

    Compared to some of the Talented Abusers I’ve had the honour of hosting conversations with, this is all pretty poultry.

  13. I just googled croatia cuz o needed pictures for a presentation in school and found this. also, i have to admit i don’t understand your last sentence cuz i dont know what “poultry” means ^^

  14. You truly are an idiot, posting someone elses country as losers (which is funny because Croatia is ranked 5 in the world in soccer and australia is somewhere else…who knows maybe one day australia!!) Congrats and enjoy that half-assed victory because I guarantee it will be the last victory australia will ever barely have on croatia ever again. Nice racism though you zealander cocksucker. Next time back up your stuff when you talk bullshit, asshole. HRVATSKA HRVATSKA HRVATSKA!!
    Australia = Toilet of the World, always getting shat on….

  15. #cro fan > how should I know: I’m not a football fan.

    #zlatan > Perhaps you can’t read you poor guy, I was actually posting that the “Croatia 2006 World Cup team” were losers because they lost the game. I do like your megamaniacal: “enjoy your victory while you can puny Australia…” speech, very comic-book-evil-villain, bravo!

    I must say its especially amusing how you and your “cro” friends get so enraged you begin to loose your ability to make English sentences. You are just the kind of idiot whom I always wished I could humiliate in a public space, and thanks to the Internet I have you suckers lining up here. haHA!

    Next please…

  16. Go fuck your mother BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And why da fuck are Aussies racists??!!!

    So shut your mouth as you will probably be doing this thing if someone else said that about Australia!!!



  18. That may be so old sport, but the modern history of Austria is a little off topic here. This is actually about a soccer game between AUSTRALIA and a team they defeated in 2006. A common mistake amongst the upper-case impaired with turrets syndrome. I would have thought the SocceROOS (the ROO part referring to KangaROO) and the “AUSSIE! AUSSIE! AUSSIE!” part would have given it away (unless the Austrian sya that as well?). Perhaps your as bad at recognising team colours as you are are at mastering the caps lock? Which would just make you a poor soccer fan. My the quality of the idiots here is going down.

    Thanks for coming anyway! Hope your team starts to win one day :)

  19. CpILL. Who do you think you are? I dont know where you come from, and i dont care, but if you think you are so intelligent, go fuck off. Im croatian, and if there is a problem, why dont you go stick it up your ass. We dont take shit from no one, espcially a person with no life, like yourself. Fuck off. By the way, half of that team is croation. So if your talking about croats, then your making fun of your shitty ass team. Hrvatske za život. jebi se!

    1. Who do you think you are?

      Oh! Starting with the deep questions. I don’t know Marko, who are you? Who is anyone really? Do we define ourself by our past or future, both of which don’t really exist. Or do we define ourselves by the football team we support, which seems to be the easy answer that most of the brainiacs have come too and is actually what the ridicule I’m dishing out is aimed at, not actually the nation of Croatia. The question really is: Who do you think you are if you remove soccer from your life?

      I dont know where you come from, and i dont care

      Then why ask?!? You sound like your mother.

      but if you think you are so intelligent, go fuck off

      Well REALLY young man! Nobodys going to think your intelligent if that’s the best you can do. At no point have I claimed to b intelligent, just that ‘Croatian soccer fan’ are not. Note the ‘soccer fan’ part, but your right perhaps I can drop the Croatian part and just say ‘soccer fans’ in general.

      Im croatian

      WHAO?! Really?

      and if there is a problem, why dont you go stick it up your ass

      The only problem here, young man, is you keep dropping your punctuation. “dont” is not an English word! Thanks for the advise though, but in my culture we approach problems in a more rational way, but perhaps we can infer why the Croation Soceer Team of 2006 were such aggressive losers: They had “a problem” up their ass! (as your implying is the Croation custom for dealing with problems, no?). My, this is productive!

      We dont take shit from no one

      No, your bowels would probably be quite full I imagine.

      espcially a person with no life, like yourself

      Oh, I see, so its my “lack of life” thats the problem. Not the fact that the ‘Croation Soceer Team of 2006’ got their problem filled asses kicked. Well, I have been working on that and, following all the examples of the wonderful people I have meet here, I’ve started to cruse the internet for pictures of soccer teams, which I’m guessing you consider to be “a life”.

      So if your talking about croats,

      Actually I’m not. I’m talking about the ‘Croation Soceer Team of 2006’. Is there something I can do to make this a bit more obvious?

      then your making fun of your shitty ass team.

      Hey, wait a second fella! You said you didn’t car where I was from. You lied to me! (or yourself… but then that was only a few sentences ago? Whats going on in that kooky mind of your Mister?).

      But I have to agree with you that the Australian team did have a lot of “croats” on it, and Australia put nooooo money into Soccer that year, and since the Australia team beat the Croatian team one can only conclude:
      (a) The Australian team had all the best Croatian players (perhaps you should be supporting Australia then)
      (b) the best Croatian players were cheap :)

  20. I am from Croatia myself and must say I am very displeased and sad to see my fellow “comrades” acting so immature and uncivilized. A message to them (in Croatian language so that they better understand): decki nemojte se tako ponasati na netu, zbog takvih kao sto ste vi me je sram sto sam hrvat :((( Znate li kakvu losu sliku o svim hrvatima dajete svijetu na ovakav nacin? Zbog vas me je (kao hrvata) sram sto sam hrvat. Tako nikome necete dokazati da smo kao “bolji” nego samo ispadamo necivilizirani majmuni koji se ponasaju kao zene sa PMS-om.

    Thank you.

  21. CpILL, firstly, tl;dr.

    And secondly, Croatia and Australia DREW in that game.
    Therefore, there were technically no losers.
    So yeah, your argument is invalid.

    And also, svaka cast “Croatianman” – najpametniji ?ovjek na internetu.

  22. Hahahahah! xDD
    It saddens me to say this, but when I accidentally stumbled upon this image via google, I INSTANTLY knew there would be primitive / excessive cursing from Croatian douchebags :D To the person that made this post: know that Croatians in general are very kind / good people – but boooooooy do we have a load of single-digit-IQ douchebags (unfortunately they’re the ones you see/hear all the time). Even our local-news websites are filled with those douchebags cursing mostly at each other.

    To all my Croatian teabags: Daj na?ite si jebeni život i prestanite nas sramotiti!

    PS. “Croatianman” – respect! :)

  23. Thanks Joe164 but sadly Croatia had been playing so badly that they need to do more than just draw so they didn’t make it to the next round… and what do you know: Australia did :) I guess if they get knocked out earlier than Australia then they are worse team, no? I’m no soccer fun but it seems simple math, right?

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