Lonely Birthday

Well that was the loneliest birthday I ever had. Should have followed my intuition and stayed were people loved me. 31. Yay.
Gina's Happy Birthday Present

Thank you Gina. You Rock!

66 thoughts on “Lonely Birthday”

  1. i try…. haha
    if it makes you feel better, i worked on my birthday and wore a dorky hat hoping i’d make good tips (that “brilliant” plan didnt really work, and i was down 7$ for my loot bag stuff)… that kinda sucked… haha and this is in the city where i’d like to think there are people that love me! and still it was kinda weird and lonely…
    so anyway… a little bird told me this is gonna be a great year for you, and this little bird knows it’s shit!!
    so 31 YAY!!!!! for real!

  2. sarahx

    something, hello, hello.
    Good morning Happy birthday
    roaming roaming.

    Its a sunday
    I hope you had a nice sleep
    that you woke up refreshed,
    without a sorehead
    tense muscles
    whether from sleeping the wrong way
    frowning in your dreams.

    I will go and get a hot chocolate for you
    and drink it for you
    in celebration of cocoa and distance.
    Confetti and streamers,
    sweetened condensed milk and avocados.

    Speak to you soon.

  3. Today i turned 20 knowing that ur birthday should be a happy day 4 me it was not i didnt go out or have at least frinds and relatives calling to wish me a happy birthday not even my so called best friend didnt event mention it once so im here at home alone just waiting 4 time 2 pass on by i feel sad instead of feeling happy

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