Fighting for peace is like…

I was sitting on the grass in the park at Boxhagener Plaz yesterday with Melissa and Emma, and having a chat in the sun. We were approached by a plainly dresses nice young Indian girl who then proceeded to tell us about her “organization” that raises money to save the forests by making porn with random strangers in the bush. It took a few moments to get our heads around the idea, and we had to think about wether we wanted to… contribute. She said they were “fighting for what we belived in and having fun at the same time”. It seemed resonable when she put it that way. Hippys having fun?

It raised the question that I have been thinking about since I worked on a certain gay dating website: “Can porn be used for good?”. I guess everyone has to decided for themselves.

But try and say three times fast: “Fucking Forest Fuckers”


There is a conference in Berlin that could find an answer to these question. I would like to fond out the intellectual stance on it these days. I guess it doesn’t matter how you reason it, its all about the vibe.

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