Tomatoes Salid

I asked Sebastian about tomato recipes as I came home from the market last Friday with 5kg of cherry tomatos (only 2.50 euros!). This is what he sent me:
Sebastians Tomato Saild
This pics of the salad are from one that I made last night. It’s dead easy and rocks.

cherry tomatoes
buffalo mozzarella
olive oil
lemon (for the juice)
fresh ground black pepper
course ground sea salt

Slice up your avocado and tomatoes, and mix with torn mozzarella. cover everything in lemon juice and olive oil, then sprinkle on the black pepper, sea salt, and finally some paprika for show. If you like, you can arrange everything in a pretty pattern. =)

Important tips: You have to use _good_ olive oil, or it’ll taste like shit. By good I mean around 30 euro a bottle. Trust me. If you can get french or italian sea salt it’s amazing: comes in small tubs and costs lots (probably 5 euro at least) but once you try some you’ll be hooked.

Handy hint: When you’re done, there will be loads of tasty oil/lemon juice etc. left in the bottom. Drizzle in some extremely good balsamic vinegar: Trace some from Modena in Italy, at least 5 years old, preferably 8. Then swipe it all up in bits of fresh sourdough. People will fall at your feet crying! =) The modena balsamic is the shit, they make it out of red wine vinegar and trebbiano grape must. Unsurprisingly, it goes exceedingly well with a glass of chilled trebbiano!



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