Memph (1992 – 2008)

Memphis Blue
(1992 – 2008)

Alexander and the Memph

When you where young
And first in this house home
You would play in the kitchen
Afraid of your shadow
A little dark grey fuzz
Head first in every nook and cranny

You grew to bite and claw
To chase heels as they passed across the floor
(hidden behind a door or under a glass table)
Turning heads as you’d tear from
Front door to back, attic to kitchen

You always had a place at our table
With an arrogant frown and an expectant “Meow!”
As if your royal Person blood was meant for the throne,
Always with tail swooshing and wooshing to and fro

Once, on some warm summers day in the attic
You walked up on my belly, putting your nose to mine
Squinting deep love you rumbled your tractor purr
And I stroked your blue doof gently for an hour or two
Until you heard the knife sharpened on the steel
Then you leapt down the stairs awake in a jump!

Thank you for letting me brush your dready tummy
And garden filled tail (letting me go with
only a nibble and scratch)

Thank you for sleeping on my feet as I worked
(and sometimes putting your feet on my work)

Thank you for sharing your life with me Memphis
Every moment with you was a special treat.

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