– Berlin, Berlin
Pictured (from left): Tobias aka klipstein (München), Norman aka matsuri (Berlin), Victoria & Nikolai aka nonken (Amsterdam) and Wolfram aka mccain (München) [note: aka’s are IRC names
Yesterday I meet some Dojo developers in Berlin for the which was announced on the Dojo website last week. It was a sunny day and we hit one of Berlins many beaches next to the Spree.

Dojo is a Javascript API that I have a love-hate relationship with and have been following for 3-4 years now. It was nice to finally meet other Dojo developers and have someone to discuss the joys and woes of the prolific Javascript API, the best out there in my opinion.

It was perhaps too hot and the beer() was too easy to drink as we didn’t manage to get much decided but the idea for a community maintained Wiki documenting Dojo was thought to be a good idea. These guys setup the Dojo Campus site and so this Wiki will probably end up there.

I hope this see the drive for more European activity form the Dojo community in the future!

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