Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X in 5 minutes

So I just discovered that Leopard comes with a version of Ruby on Rails (RoR) pre-installed. The only problem is its a bit dated but there is a command-line one-liner to update it all no sweat with RubyGem (the Ruby package manager):

Might need to update your RubyGem first (I love systems that keep themselves up-to-date!!)…

sudo gem update --system

… then update Rails…

sudo gem install rails

Then to get going, get back to the command-line and create the project somewhere with mysql support:

rails -d mysql ~/Sites/myNewApp

And it should generate the basic RoR site layout. To test it, run the build in web server:

cd ~/Sites/myNewApp
ruby script/server

And then point your favourite web browser at and your away!

I’ve just started to learn Pythons answer to the MVC framework race: Django, but I’m lazy and when I came across this info this morning and how easy it was to get RoR up and running on Leopard I was suckered in. I guess I’ll learn both and compare the two at some point.

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