Exploring solutions for Crohns disease

Frustrated by the general lack of responsiveness of the medical industry to new and alternative treatments (with suspicion that most research is drug company funded and colossal bureaucracy generally) I’ve started doing my own research into possible treatments.

I’m on Cortisone right now. The only real treatment gastroenterologist will prescribe when the shit-hits-the-fan (literally). So, since this makes me feel “normal” again i.e. memory improves, body stops aching and becomes limber again etc I have started to look for natural cortisone suppliments.

Found an interesting article about Hypoadrenia and Cortisol which talks about how the human body deal with stress and looks are some food supplements to deal with this. Some of these include:

  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • CortiTrophin

I plan to try some of these and see what effect they have on my symptoms, when I get off the cortisone.

Plan B: Hookworms

My father just emailed me this link to an ABC radio show program on Hookworm in which Jasper Lawrence tell how he managed to get himself infected with Hookworm in Africa and it cured his allergy problem. Apparently it is very effective against all auto-immune problems including Crohns disease. Hes setup a company that sell this worm therapy.

I have emailed them and will try and get myself infected. Will report back once I know more…

4 thoughts on “Exploring solutions for Crohns disease”

  1. Here is the automated email response from my inquiry to ‘Autoimmune.Theropies” They should really have this on the contact page (and a contact form perhaps?):

    Due to the volume of enquiries resulting from recent media coverage it can take us a few days to respond to email enquiries like yours.

    It also helps if you have read our site thoroughly before contacting us. We do not have the luxury of the time to answer questions which are answered on our site. Please take the time to read each general information page on the site, and any pages specific to your disease. For instance the Anaphylaxis and Allergy pages both pertain to any allergies. Celiac disease while it does not yet have its own page is served to some extent by Allergy, Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis.

    You should also join or follow the Yahoo Group, http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/helminthictherapy/, where many clients post and we have answered most questions at least twice. It is searchable, and would allow you to contact some clients of ours if that is your wish. You can also configure your membership to send you updates via email.

    You may also benefit from the information contained at http://www.helminthictherapy.com and http://www.hygienehypothesis.com.

    Once you have done your homework and sent us a completed Questionnaire from the Contact page at http://autoimmunetherapies.com, we will contact you to arrange a call to answer any remaining questions you have.

    Please be sure to provide us with contact information, your timezone, and a specific date, and time of day for us to contact you. Make sure that your preferred time for us to contact you falls within the 9 am to 9 pm GMT time frame and set the date at least seven days out from when you send us the email. Our calendars fill up very quickly for the most popular times, and the volume of interest can sometimes delay our reading your email for a few days, so it is best to specify a date at least seven days out.

    Because of the public nature of this email address it receives a lot of spam. We have made our spam filters at the server level fairly aggressive to combat this, but most legitimate messages reach us successfully. Particularly those with the subject line “Regarding helminthic therapy” which has been whitelisted.

    If you do not receive a personal reply within five business days please resend your message making sure to use the subject line “Regarding helminthic therapy”.

    We check our spam filters regularly but obviously this may delay our receipt of your enquiry if it is flagged as spam.

    Jasper Lawrence

  2. did you join the yahoo group? It has quite a lot of good info. Let us know on that forum if you get this therapy and how well it works for you.

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