Science gets the last laugh on ethnic jokes

Heaven is where the police are English, the cooks are French, the mechanics are German, the lovers are Italian and everything is organized by the Swiss. Hell is where…

Heaven is where the police are English, the cooks are French, the mechanics are German, the lovers are Italian and everything is organized by the Swiss. Hell is where the police are German, the cooks are English, the mechanics are French, the lovers are Swiss, and everything is organized by the Italians.

Science gets the last laugh on ethnic jokes – Science Mysteries –


Follow up thoughts on the recent bombings

Fortunately none of my friends were harmed in the bombings. The reaction here is strangely subdued, and life seems to be caring on here with little difference. At first I was shocked at the indifference but now I am beginning to realize there is still a type of maturity left over from the second world war and perhaps the IRA bombings that lets them move on unshaken. I think because Australia has never experienced direct contact with conflict it seems shocking to us to be near events like this. I know I felt strange when I passed Liverpool Street station yesterday and saw the flowers heaped in front of the closed tube station doors.

There is a maturity in character in Europeans that Australians don’t seem to have. Centuries of building and destroying each other perhaps. It seems to bring them a sense of certainty and ease of nature. I guess I have always felt closer to Asia and its ancient traditions, having grown up amongst that, and there too is a deep continuum that modern events can’t alter. I feel by understanding and relating to this I gain a sense of certainty in my own character and I begin to understand who I am, or want to be at the very least. It seems to have taken a long time getting here.

Hi stranger

You have received a Friendster message from Olga. The message was sent on 07/15/05 08:16 AM.

Ogla on display
Hi stranger.
I have found your email in the Internet.
I want to find the man for serious relations and probably creations of family.
I want to know you more.
I’ll tell you a little about myself.
My name is Olga.
I’m 28 years old.
I live in Russia in city Yaransk.
I like to do in for sports.
I write, read and I talk in English not so bad.
I have never been married and I do not have children.
And unfortunately, I have not found my second half.
But I want to do it.
Probably we can become more than simply friends.
I wait for your letter and photo.
My email adress is
If you will write me I’ll send you more photos and it will be a beginning of our correspondence.
With impatience I wait your reply.

SS Joke

If only I’d forgotten the punchline…

If only I’d forgotten the punchline…
“The first time I met my g/f’s parents, we
had a cracking piss up, got absolutely ratted
then started telling jokes. They were getting
progressively nearer the knuckle so I thought
it safe to tell her Dad my favourite (“Did
you hear the one about the SS Commandant?”
then as they say “no” you slap them around
the head and shout “LIAR” in your best Jerry
accent). Firstly I knocked her Dad off his
seat, secondly I had completely forgotten
that they were Jewish. I’ve not been invited
round since.”

thanks to Seb for forwaring this one.

What are Microsoft trying to say?

NERD FLASH – similar to the predictive text
stuff we’ve mentioned recently, jon l writes…

NERD FLASH – similar to the predictive text stuff we’ve mentioned recently, jon l writes, “There’s an odd thing in Microsoft Word: “jesus” is not automatically corrected to a capital J whereas “hitler” is.” Woo. This makes us as happy as when we learnt that searching for “monkeys” in a Microsoft clip-art application it produced photos of affluent black people.

Thanks seb

On a similar vain I’ve notice that with predictive text if you spell ‘lips’ the next predictive text option will be ‘kiss’. Also ‘anal’ -> ‘cock’. Any others?


New word: Layouter, One who does layout.

Layouter: One who does layout such as in a magazine, newspaper or any publication. Job doesn’t necessary involve artistic ability/taste.

I am doing a spot of Flash work and have an object that handles layout of items to some algorithm. Looking at the start of magazines I couldn’t see a job description for this task so I have made one up. Interestingly enough ‘edit’ is derived from the word ‘editor’ and not the other way round.

Layouter. My first addition to the English language. Enjoy.

Beyond the Avatar

With FOAF and RSS is it really nessacery to have a home page at all?

I just finished setting up a plugin for this blog that displays my RSS feeds in the sidebar (to your right, and my left if I’m the webpage. hAR hAR). Now I’m thinking of doing the same for my Flickr accounts ‘photo stream’. I have accounts all over the place, most of which have RSS feeds (or will soon).

But why am I doing this?

Its because I’ve come to think on my blog as a sort of focus of my online identity. A central site which someone can see most of the things I do online. It presents a single face like a so called ‘Avatar’, or is it more like a Hydra, with many heads but one body.

It could also be a prof of identity. Zeldman once complained that someone had posted a snide comment on a popular blog and used his name, which caused a bit of a stink. If you only post comments via trackbacks and pingbacks then nobody can claim to be you who wasn’t.

So why not get rid of the blog all together?

Since nearly every portal/friend network/fanzine site you join now days offers you a blog, and all of these offer RSS feeds, why have your own blog at all? What you really want is some sort of interface to a feed aggregator that uses FOAF to store your list of feeds that are you. It would be even nicer if instead of setting up a new account with every site you want to post on, they would just ask you for a URL to a FOAF and suck all the info they needed off that.


  • Password might be a PGP public key stored in your FOAF file.
  • You could have a instant messenger client for updating your FOAF file
  • Entire forums of trackback posts might be setup. RSS feeds to topic/posts you make might then be automatically setup on your central site so you wouldn’t have to manually do that any more and you would always be informed about replys to you topics/post.


So it breaks down to FOAF out, RSS in and trackback/pingback as a sort of protacol for comunication. A web of entities instead of just websites. Now all we need is an interface to editting a FOAF and taking many RSS feeds and arranging on a page (like a ‘Planet’ I belive they call it now).

Note: It would be handy if RSS items had tags sent with them so that the feeds could be organised by some sort of metadata grouping.