Drupal, the swiss army knife of CMS’es

I just completed another site called ‘Picture Your Rights‘ for the Dutch NGO Loesje whose international HQ is now in Berlin. Its a Photo & Slogan completion about Human Rights and anyone can upload a picture or post a slogan. There will be 4 rounds each with a different theme.
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Managing scattered online Social Life on multiple Social Networking sites

I’ve been kicking the idea of a central way to manage accounts on many social networking apps for a while now. I think it starts to go beyond just managing social-network accounts because what your really doing is managing identity.

Some are saying that 2008 is the time for this sort of “killer app”. Google have also started to chip away at the problem offering a way to update your status in many places at once.
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Strategy learning game

I like Strategy games. I get quite addicted quite easily and so I tend to keep wellll away form them. I recently got the itch again, like an ex-smoker and started to look into playing the old ones on my mac via VMWare.

The first thing I found was Master of Orion II, which I played for a night and realised that its actually quite a mundane game, but never the less you find yourself there for hours hitting the “Next turn” button to see if anything you have planned to build has finished, and how much cash you have. Its all virtual and the moment you step away your over it but once your in, your hooked.

I was thinking that this type of addiction would be very handy if you could apply it to more productive tasks like learning. So I’m trying to figure out what the key things are that make strategy games addictive.
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handy Javascript debugging function

Actually taken from the JS v1.4 Guide and modified to be a little more useful:

function showme(obj, obj_name) {
   var result = ""
   var null_list = "";
   obj_name = (obj_name != '')? obj_name: 'obj';
   for (var i in obj) {
		if(obj[i] != null && obj[i] != '')
			result += obj_name + "." + i + " = " + obj[i] + "\n";
			null_list += i + ", ";
   return result + "\n NULL propertys: \n" + null_list;

Pass it an object you want to see the properties of and it will show them to you. Like so:


The significance of AJaX

The name AJaX comes from one article written in January of 2005which was the first to use the acronym AJaX. In it is mentioned the technology (i..e the one function ‘XMLHttpRequest’) had been around for some time and is probably the only significant contribution that Microsoft has made to the internet’s development to date.
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Linden Labs don’t want to share

Linden Lab, the creator of Second Life, doesn’t think that building a series of separate virtual worlds is a good strategy, director of marketing Catherine Smith says. Business Week

I’ll bet she doesn’t, it would completely destroy Linden Labs thats for sure. Its like having one server for webpages controlled by one company that makes a lot of money off it. The bigger the internet become the better it became. This furthers to strengthen the idea of a 3D web platfrom.