Analysis of Kevin Baldwin playing Grab It!

Some interesting ideas here:

  • A set composition which is moved forward by live triggers.
  • Using an acoustic instrument as a controller. Possibly using pitch detection.
  • Using video, text and spoken word for “conceptional content” in combination with the abstraction of music/sound.
  • Integration of poetry medium was nice.

I wasn’t so much impressed with the actual choice of content of the piece but the delivery and the fast pace of the musical style combined was very effective. I imagine live it would have a great impact assuming you were standing close enough.

He seemed stuck behind the instrument and sheet music so would be physically constrained in meeting the audience and thus have less options with engaging them.

Ideas for future directions from here might be:

  • Gesture recognition, i.e. series of notes, a “music phrase” as triggers for navigating the composition, perhaps allowing for non-linear compositions. Also for triggering smaller sequences of visuals/spoken-word
  • Different interface to make music which allows more interaction with the audience. Perhaps wireless sensors.
  • Noise!

Living Public

Hasan M. Elahi
I just read this article about a guy who was harasser by the FBI for 6 months because someone reported him as having explosives in storage somewhere (which he didn’t). They wanted to know everything about him for the last 6 months. SO he started to make EVERYTHING publicly available:

When I first started talking about my project in 2003, people thought I was insane. Why would anyone tell everyone what he was doing at all times? Why would anyone want to share a photo of every place he visited? Now eight years later, more than 800 million people do the same thing I’ve been doing each time they update their status or post an image or poke someone on Facebook. (Just to put this in perspective, if Facebook was a country, it would have the third highest population, after China and India.) Insane?

What I’m doing is no longer just an art project; creating our own archives has become so commonplace that we’re all — or at least hundreds of millions of us — doing it all the time. Whether we know it or not.

Last weekend i also watched ‘We Live In Public’

about Josh Harris who was ahead of his time putting every room in his house online and living in public with his girlfriend. His life became Hell.

With Facebook becoming the internet for most people, this is happening more and more. The first artist thought it was a good idea the second not so good.

As Conan the Barbarian says: “I live, I love, I slay” whats to hide :)

Visuals for modern dance augmentation

Alex May just put up a sample of his latest interactive performance instillation which he demos with a dancer.

Shadows of Light from Quadratura on Vimeo.

I saw an Australian dance performance last month here in Berlin called Glow which was a floor dance also with real-time interactive dance visuals.

I like this direction VJing is taking. Slightly above the mundane random images with effects layer on.

John Waters Divine Filth

Last night I saw a movie that revolted me so much I could not watch anymore: Pink Flamingos (1972). I can not remember when a movie had last pulled such utter revolt from me. It was to the point I was almost throwing up. Fantastic!

However, it has in a way inspired the Urban Uncle project and given it a style, ‘Trash’, which brings its own freedoms to create. All are encouraged to go out and film their own trashy dreams and ideas. This is what I believe the Punk or New Wave movement was about the “Just do it” attitude. But I digress…

Pink Flamingos intro credits
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More Damask Wallpaper Patterns

I find they work well if the rest of the sites design is minimal. Heres a list of wallpaper sites I like:

Well, thats about it so far. If you know any more, leave a comment.

To be headless

I saw a band play last night.. they were very good. The singer was confident and would leave the stage to go to the bar in the middle of a song when the band was doing an instrumental. As soon as she left the stage I got the feeling that the act, which I had been quite into, wasn’t as good anymore, even though she wasn’t participation the music when she left the stage.

Is there some thing in us that needs this figure head to always be present? What ramifications does it have for other group processes where there isn’t a need for a leader, a one? Maybe these don’t really exist.

Who is Loesje?

Have you heard about World Press Freedom Day (WPFD), 3rd of May 2006? I hadn’t until a friend found the site that Loesja, an international NGO funded by the European Cultural Foundation, put up to promote their writing workshop that will be taking place in many countries around the world on the day. The work of which will be compiled into a book and send around the world. I spent the day in their Berlin office and found out more about this girl called Loesja.

Peace never respects borders

Loesja’s focus is hard to define, and searching around the web doesn’t seem to help much, but on the surface their main focus would seem to be group writing and designing of posters that are designed to provoke positive thoughts. Its best put in her own words:

“Together we form a writer’s collective, an NGO, a poster activist group, an international organization, a creative network, a contagious idea – many titles, call it what you will. I’m Loesje, and I’ve given my name to this growing group of world constructors and dreamers, people who are helping me to conquer the world.”

I'm right here. Behind your prejudices

Loesje is the name that is always signed on all of the posters produced and is the ‘avatar’ of the idea. The small group who make up the Berlin office spend most of their time organising and giving workshops, and facilitating creative action generally. They also travelling to different countries, to anywhere a Loesjes group might have sprung up, and guild the locals though a Loesje style workshop. These workshops are really just brainstorming sessions for group writing and collaborating mainly for the puroses of producting posters, but not always as in the case of WPFD.

Hammock. Flexible working space.

Its hard to gauge the number of Loesje groups as many have started up independently of their own initiative and sometimes more than one in the same city, each unaware of the other until they see a poster they didn’t put up. Although the official language in the organization is English, groups are encouraged to write in there own language and tackle issues that are relevant to their social circumstance.

Will less borders, give more freedom

The underlying concept it quite simple and pure which gives the movement a the appeal of clarity. It does not try to change the world though any single action by any single individual, but instead hopes to change people with the collective creative of many.

Why keep your right, to remain silent