– Berlin, Berlin
Pictured (from left): Tobias aka klipstein (München), Norman aka matsuri (Berlin), Victoria & Nikolai aka nonken (Amsterdam) and Wolfram aka mccain (München) [note: aka’s are IRC names
Yesterday I meet some Dojo developers in Berlin for the which was announced on the Dojo website last week. It was a sunny day and we hit one of Berlins many beaches next to the Spree.
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handy Javascript debugging function

Actually taken from the JS v1.4 Guide and modified to be a little more useful:

function showme(obj, obj_name) {
   var result = ""
   var null_list = "";
   obj_name = (obj_name != '')? obj_name: 'obj';
   for (var i in obj) {
		if(obj[i] != null && obj[i] != '')
			result += obj_name + "." + i + " = " + obj[i] + "\n";
			null_list += i + ", ";
   return result + "\n NULL propertys: \n" + null_list;

Pass it an object you want to see the properties of and it will show them to you. Like so:


The significance of AJaX

The name AJaX comes from one article written in January of 2005which was the first to use the acronym AJaX. In it is mentioned the technology (i..e the one function ‘XMLHttpRequest’) had been around for some time and is probably the only significant contribution that Microsoft has made to the internet’s development to date.
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