Exploring solutions for Crohns disease

Frustrated by the general lack of responsiveness of the medical industry to new and alternative treatments (with suspicion that most research is drug company funded and colossal bureaucracy generally) I’ve started doing my own research into possible treatments.

I’m on Cortisone right now. The only real treatment gastroenterologist will prescribe when the shit-hits-the-fan (literally). So, since this makes me feel “normal” again i.e. memory improves, body stops aching and becomes limber again etc I have started to look for natural cortisone suppliments.

Found an interesting article about Hypoadrenia and Cortisol which talks about how the human body deal with stress and looks are some food supplements to deal with this. Some of these include:

  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • CortiTrophin

I plan to try some of these and see what effect they have on my symptoms, when I get off the cortisone.

Plan B: Hookworms

My father just emailed me this link to an ABC radio show program on Hookworm in which Jasper Lawrence tell how he managed to get himself infected with Hookworm in Africa and it cured his allergy problem. Apparently it is very effective against all auto-immune problems including Crohns disease. Hes setup a company that sell this worm therapy.

I have emailed them and will try and get myself infected. Will report back once I know more…

Chinese herbals and The Alexander Technique for Crohns disease

In another post I talk about living with Crohns disease. Someone asked me to put a up the script of herbs that my Chinese doctor in Australia put me on. I’ve found it helps when an attack is coming on. Here it is:

chinese crohns script translation

The Alexander Technique

Recently I’ve started reading a book about the Alexander Technique and I have found that this is remarkably helpful in dealing with stress. The change in my approach to stressful situations has changed so much that I feel like a different person!

It suggests that some physical problems that manifest in the body are the result of miss-use of the body in times of stress. This stress causes tensions in the body which can result in some nasty things, perhaps even Crohns. There is of course no medical research into this (because there are no drugs involved in this treatment and hence no funding from drug company’s) although it was derived via scientific method. I have found Alexander Technique had immediate benefits for myself. Worth looking into, for everybody really. Its like the drivers instructions for the body.