Seven deadly sins

Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth/dispair, wrath, envy, pride

The ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ or should I put it the ‘7, Deadly, Sins’. The seven part is merely score keeping and nothing more, but the ‘Deadly’, which we usually skip over is more than just an adjective, it is a warning. What is it warning against? What do the Seven Deadly Sins lead to other than Hell itself.

Sin‘ is also a much miss understood word, particularly by those who grew up in a Christian based society.

In the biblical Hebrew, the generic word for sin is het. It means to err, to miss the mark. It does not mean to do evil.

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Th Laptop-orchestra and the nature of live performance

Laptoporchestra Berlin
I just got back from MAGISTRALE Kulturnacht‘s Medialounge in which a good friend of mine has some photos on exhibit. There was a series of laptop audio performances by various artists which climaxed with a live performance of the so called Laptoporchester Berlin. Seven guys on laptops nodding their heads.They opened with a couple of pieces that were lead by a guy on a cool seven string electric guitar which had a body that was just snap on bars in the shape of a traditional guitar (see picture). They then ended with a cover of Terry Riley’s ‘In C’ which I’d only recently discovered being a big fan of Steve Riech.
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Defining the Semantic of Markup

Semantics in regard to HTML markup is a murky water. This is because web pages are usually not an essay style document, which HTML was designed to markup, and contain information that is not actually relevant to what the page is about. Examples would be: menus, shopping cart information, summaries of forum activity, and the other half of HTML design: user/human interfaces. To say or even think that HTML can encapsulate all the “meanings” that human language structures can come up with (which are actually infinite), not to mention the non-language structures found on web systems representing a computer system interface, is naive. It is also an assumption that has never been backed up by any standards body in argument and thats because its simply wrong. The Microformat standard and now POSH process seem to be unwittingly dealing with the problem without understanding it. This is actually an applied philosophy problem!

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A definition of Consciousness

Suppose ‘consciousness’ could be defined as the ability of a ‘being that can learn’ to understand how its self learns. Thus it then has to ‘decide’, a rudimentary idea in our perception of ‘consciousness’.

I think this explains to a degree then our ‘personality’ which we use to direct our experiences in the world and thus our learning. We, in a manner, feed our learning what it likes best: pleasurable experiences.

If this is true, what does it say about the ‘Turing test’ and there for the way forward for AI research.

To be headless

I saw a band play last night.. they were very good. The singer was confident and would leave the stage to go to the bar in the middle of a song when the band was doing an instrumental. As soon as she left the stage I got the feeling that the act, which I had been quite into, wasn’t as good anymore, even though she wasn’t participation the music when she left the stage.

Is there some thing in us that needs this figure head to always be present? What ramifications does it have for other group processes where there isn’t a need for a leader, a one? Maybe these don’t really exist.

I’m into labels

Gmail has introduced a subtile change to the way we manage email and I think this is a revolution in information management on the internet. Its the dawn of the era.

I got a Gmail account. If you don’t know what that is, Google have decided to step into the webmail market, which is bigger than the search engine market apparently. Each account gets a 1 gigabyte of storage space and some other changes to the standard webmail interface.
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Perpetually positive

A simple phylosophy that provides unlimited posativity.

I went to the beach with my cosine Sarah last week. We got a lift to the Jung-O (Bondi Junction, Sydney) and were standing at the bus terminal trying to decide between Bronte and Bondi beaches as both are just as easy to get to by bus from there.

We were both feeling apprehensive about Bondi but we decided to go there because the 389 came first. Sarah said to me something like:
“You never know, this Bondi experience might change our minds about Bondi beach.”
And that was all. I thought about it on the ride down and it was an uplifting attitude, one of infinite forgiveness and hope. One I wish to take up more.

I have been accused of being overly negative and critical. Attitudes that, though they help steer you clear of the worst things that could happen, also steer you clear of the best things that can befall you thought dumb luck. They are attitudes that weight heavily on the personality and rob one of the simple joys available to the open mind.

Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand:
Come and see my shinning palace built upon the sand!

I think Sarah will grow to become a wonderful person to know. I am luck to have such a brilliant cousin.