Analysis of Kevin Baldwin playing Grab It!

Some interesting ideas here:

  • A set composition which is moved forward by live triggers.
  • Using an acoustic instrument as a controller. Possibly using pitch detection.
  • Using video, text and spoken word for “conceptional content” in combination with the abstraction of music/sound.
  • Integration of poetry medium was nice.

I wasn’t so much impressed with the actual choice of content of the piece but the delivery and the fast pace of the musical style combined was very effective. I imagine live it would have a great impact assuming you were standing close enough.

He seemed stuck behind the instrument and sheet music so would be physically constrained in meeting the audience and thus have less options with engaging them.

Ideas for future directions from here might be:

  • Gesture recognition, i.e. series of notes, a “music phrase” as triggers for navigating the composition, perhaps allowing for non-linear compositions. Also for triggering smaller sequences of visuals/spoken-word
  • Different interface to make music which allows more interaction with the audience. Perhaps wireless sensors.
  • Noise!

dot dot dot ?

Once upon a time this Sad&Sorry
Was a slick-as-flying-shit-hot Coder
(Not as good as me) you see
But he could, as they say, “Get The Job Done”
The Man could LDL (Lay-Down-Lines)
Ready to GO and insect free
Like some Neo-Jesus Christ slapping miracle suppositorys up your repository
He was god.

So slowly they started to max him out.
Day after day and task upon task.
He started smoking like he was The Industrial Revolution.
Long into the dark night of the Proletariat.
For he had become the new working class ‘Joe’.
Strung out on the sugar rush and coffee dosing
Always dreaming in Getaway style, nature escapes
Knowing he would last 5 minutes in anything resembling Wild.

So he coded.
Because it was easy to do
Because it paid for something
Because it was fun once
Because what else was he going to do
dot dot dot ?

Steroid addiction

There is a dull drone in my head
that squeezes my shoulders to to to the ears
A graffiti proof paint on which no thoughts may stand out
Except to bite at the world
So the mind is put to the grid
Till it is only sharp and stabbing
And every stranger is your new found enemy
And every friend only thinks of themselves
Against you! Against you!
The world is an ugly cage
Against which you RAGE

When you are tired of dwelling in this hell
And forgiveness the unreachable holy-land
Tomorrow begins again

Tropical afternoon

A wet sky ends another flushed day
Letting go of the days hot frustrations
Releasing the struggle that started at dawn
So one can finally say “I’m done.”
The race is over. Nobody won.

The cool breeze retires ambition
Let the shoulders sag and, put on loose shoes,
Smile in the company of others
Reflecting at the slow replay of the days events
Forever to be frozen in memory

Washed in hopes or regrets

Today could be the last day

Today could be the last day of my life
I made a curry, rode my bike.
The sunset took its time fading away,
One orange at a time
While sparrows madly cut and dived
Cut and dived
Madly took their flight
Through the last days light of my life

My clean bare feet still soft from the moist heat
Timidly caress the wet gravel
The rain starts again
People shut their doors,
Close the windows from dark rooms
Whims to this weather

The sun silently drowns on the grey horizon
And it ends, this soft goodbye

Coffee is my new God!

Coffee is my new God
I worship the black grainy truth
Biting the nails off slow seconds

Master makes the pages turn
While inside the mind burns
One thousand thoughts a second

This pen stains my accuser finger
Like the scribes of ancient old
Darkly out of shape the eye brown stalks

The day jumps in time
The Day Jumps Peter Pan
The Day JUMPS kAnGaRoOs

Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee
For for for for for for
Me me me me me me

I have fallen for you

I have fallen for you
Again! Just when I thought the birds were never
talking to the bees

I have fallen into you
Where happiness is as riding a bike between meals
On ideas of ideals

I have fallen over you
So all that was escape is now exile
I have fallen over you
All the way
to the

I have fallen





A trip I take alone.