I am alone
Not wanting to own
Not hungry to commend
Not needing
But always without
With eyes wide shut
I can not tell dreams from reality
So I trust neather
When will my time come?
What will it be made of?

Years have I walked empty handed
On the outside
Collecting scraps of hope
Speaking to beast and insect alike
They read the answer from my face:
Love the high and love the low,
Love the fire and love the snow,
Imagination will take you
where you need to go.

I know that smile!

I know that smile!
It creeps up on me …

I know that smile!
It creeps up on me as children creep up to the Christmas tree.
A little mouse that quietly finds it way in though unexpected crevices
to POW (me) here you are again
to WOW (me) over and around
for the rest of the day
smiles going round like wedding flowers
to hope and to hold
till in rest do I depart
with dreams of winning this letter lottery again!

Perpetually positive

A simple phylosophy that provides unlimited posativity.

I went to the beach with my cosine Sarah last week. We got a lift to the Jung-O (Bondi Junction, Sydney) and were standing at the bus terminal trying to decide between Bronte and Bondi beaches as both are just as easy to get to by bus from there.

We were both feeling apprehensive about Bondi but we decided to go there because the 389 came first. Sarah said to me something like:
“You never know, this Bondi experience might change our minds about Bondi beach.”
And that was all. I thought about it on the ride down and it was an uplifting attitude, one of infinite forgiveness and hope. One I wish to take up more.

I have been accused of being overly negative and critical. Attitudes that, though they help steer you clear of the worst things that could happen, also steer you clear of the best things that can befall you thought dumb luck. They are attitudes that weight heavily on the personality and rob one of the simple joys available to the open mind.

Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand:
Come and see my shinning palace built upon the sand!

I think Sarah will grow to become a wonderful person to know. I am luck to have such a brilliant cousin.


I have been deaf to this world
What has been said is lost to me.
To the new voices of my old friends,
Again we embrace for the first time
This package delivered, wrapped to peel
So all will be anew in this homecoming

I will be the same and born bright
With heart yearning for foundations
Putting one ear to their walls
All that I was can be again
Rebirth to my ‘good-old’ futures
Dreamed again in comfort and kind eyes

Oh this little mouse

Oh this little mouse
This quite mouse
you scamper you

Oh this little mouse
This quite mouse
you scamper you

In the crevice of a noisy day
slips into pin cracks only to rub a worn hand in passing
this thorn of hurried forgetfulness
please hide!

Its in the lone time of the quite room
when the day softly rattles to a halt
inside is you to me quite quietness
this little thing lies in the middle of the carpet
in the best spot and playful: “I’m yours!”
whined around this finger (trying to point you) oh silly
quite shyly smiles me down
playful wrestles a glance and
and gees alright
I guess you can stay
no-because shucks
I like you