Jamie Lidell @ the Sydney Festival

Milan 2005 pic-Arianna D'Angelica

I went to see this amazing act last night as part of the Syndey festival: Jamie Lidell, who is a vocalist that uses looping software (MAX/MSP) to loop his voice. He beatboxes, then loops it and then keeps adding layers on top of it mostly with just his voice. He has a sampler and adds in the odd artificial sound as well. He built up a techno track form scratch in front of us. This live aspect to his electronic music gave his performance an energy you don’t usually get with pre-programmed sets or DJ’ing.

He also did a number of straight soul numbers that were OK, he has an amazing voice and energy, but I found them to be slightly over done and a bit passé in content i.e. not adding anything new to the genre. Still, its interesting to see electronic based music side by side with more traditional styles of music. Particularly coming out of the one musician!

The only real complaint I had was that the show was a bit short (maybe just under an hour) and there wasn’t enough to dance to. Also he stopped between the more techno based tracks and this is annoying when your into the dancing.

Overall an entertaining evening and worth seeing again.

Perpetually positive

A simple phylosophy that provides unlimited posativity.

I went to the beach with my cosine Sarah last week. We got a lift to the Jung-O (Bondi Junction, Sydney) and were standing at the bus terminal trying to decide between Bronte and Bondi beaches as both are just as easy to get to by bus from there.

We were both feeling apprehensive about Bondi but we decided to go there because the 389 came first. Sarah said to me something like:
“You never know, this Bondi experience might change our minds about Bondi beach.”
And that was all. I thought about it on the ride down and it was an uplifting attitude, one of infinite forgiveness and hope. One I wish to take up more.

I have been accused of being overly negative and critical. Attitudes that, though they help steer you clear of the worst things that could happen, also steer you clear of the best things that can befall you thought dumb luck. They are attitudes that weight heavily on the personality and rob one of the simple joys available to the open mind.

Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand:
Come and see my shinning palace built upon the sand!

I think Sarah will grow to become a wonderful person to know. I am luck to have such a brilliant cousin.