dot dot dot ?

Once upon a time this Sad&Sorry
Was a slick-as-flying-shit-hot Coder
(Not as good as me) you see
But he could, as they say, “Get The Job Done”
The Man could LDL (Lay-Down-Lines)
Ready to GO and insect free
Like some Neo-Jesus Christ slapping miracle suppositorys up your repository
He was god.

So slowly they started to max him out.
Day after day and task upon task.
He started smoking like he was The Industrial Revolution.
Long into the dark night of the Proletariat.
For he had become the new working class ‘Joe’.
Strung out on the sugar rush and coffee dosing
Always dreaming in Getaway style, nature escapes
Knowing he would last 5 minutes in anything resembling Wild.

So he coded.
Because it was easy to do
Because it paid for something
Because it was fun once
Because what else was he going to do
dot dot dot ?

Tropical afternoon

A wet sky ends another flushed day
Letting go of the days hot frustrations
Releasing the struggle that started at dawn
So one can finally say “I’m done.”
The race is over. Nobody won.

The cool breeze retires ambition
Let the shoulders sag and, put on loose shoes,
Smile in the company of others
Reflecting at the slow replay of the days events
Forever to be frozen in memory

Washed in hopes or regrets